November 27, 2019 Weekly Update

November 27, 2019 Weekly Update

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Thanksgiving Service - Wednesday Night


6:30pm Service of Holy Communion

Theme - "Make His Face to Shine Upon Us"

Choir sings Psalm 67

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For Your Prayers this Week:

Give Thanks to God for His Creation, for Salvation in Jesus, and for the faith given to you through the Holy Spirit

Give thanks for the Church and for our congregation, Trinity Lutheran

Give thanks for our nation, our leaders, our military, our police and all emergency personnel

Give thanks for your parents and all other family

Give thanks for every day that the Lord gives you

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Christmas Gifts for the Seminary Families

Again this Advent we're purchasing Christmas presents for children of the families at the seminary in St. Louis.

There is a tree in the narthex with tags on it.

Pick a tag and purchase a gift for that child.

Sign the sheet so Sharon knows which tag you took.

Then bring back your gift by December 8th with the tag attached.

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xmas lunch

Ladies Christmas Lunch

Thursday, December 5th at Noon

All ladies and guests are welcome!

Please sign up in the narthex so we can prepare enough food.

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December Newsletter

You can find a digital copy of our newsletter right here:

2019 December Newsletter

Make sure to give it a glance as it explains our theme for the new church year.

Here's a picture of our banner we designed and ordered for the theme.

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Our Website

Thanks to Ramona Cone, our website is getting an upgrade and update. She's still working but you can already find all of these weekly updates along with our calendar and much more on the website:

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waiting for jesus

Last Sunday's Sermon

What are we waiting for? We learned from God's Word that we're waiting for Jesus. He teaches us to be ready by measuring our days and believing in Him. Listen to the sermon here.

If you missed the service or know someone who would like to listen, here's an audio of the service:

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christ into jerusalem

This Coming Sunday

First Sunday in Advent

December 1st

Christ's Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.


There seems to be a discrepancy between the Gospel writers about Jesus' ride into Jerusalem. Matthew says there were two donkeys but all the others mention only one. The best explanation is that there were indeed two but Matthew is the only one to mention both. Most likely the mother donkey was pulled behind since the colt (her son) had never carried a rider before. It's common to bring the mother along when a colt is first being trained to carry a load. Come this Sunday to hear how we ride with our King Jesus and pull our sinful flesh behind on the way to the heavenly city Jerusalem.


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Want to listen to Thanksgiving and Advent music 24/7 for free?

Lutheran Public Radio plays the best of sacred music always fitting the season of the Church Year.

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